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An Examination Of Picking Key Criteria For Fashions

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Right now, nostalgia for the 1990s is inescapable. In pop culture (see: The Power Rangers movie), cars, and menswear, the trend couldn't be bigger, as shoulders are being built oversized, jeans are being washed light, and big, bold, logos are once again the easiest style flex on the market . Even brands we thought were as dead as Blockbuster are making comebacks. And the trend doesn't seem to be waning any time soon, as now even trend-setting Parisian boutiques are getting in on the action. Case-in-point: Today, Collette launched a capsule collection of Airwalk sneakers, a brand that is maybe only out-90s'd by swishy pants or Jerry Seinfeld himself. Airwalk was actually founded in 1986, though its most legendary sneakerdubbed "The One"really took off in the early '90s alongside and was often worn by rebellious teens alongside baseball caps and Independent Trucks t-shirts. Today the brand re-invented the beloved sneaker with the help of Jeff Staple, who many sneakerheads know for his NYC store Staple Design and his legendary "Pigeon" Nike Dunk sneakers. And we have to say, 30 years after it first debuted, the sneaker has actually aged well-enough to fit into a more 2017 wardrobe, especially in its pared down black and navy colorways. See, thanks to the craze of wide-leg trousers that's peaking right now in menswear, these shoes have a substantial enough counterpart to pair with. (Skinny jeans and big sneakers is about as outfit-killing a combo as we can imagine.) Think of the Airwalk Classic like a slightly chunkier Stan Smith that are simply meant to be worn with slightly more voluminous pants. Wear 'em with a fresh jean jacket for a modern look, but if you've got an old Thrasher hoodie lying around, it wouldn't be a bad choice either.

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