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Choosing Significant Details Of Cafes

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Some types of bacteria are beneficial to the digestive tract. For example, probiotics help to protect your digestive system and overall health. Active yogurt cultures provide a form of probiotics, as do other cultured foods like kefir, sour cream, kimchi, sauerkraut and items fermented in brine or salt rather than pickled in vinegar. Other foods that support a healthy microbiome include onions, leeks and raw garlic, bananas on the green side, raw asparagus, chicory root, and jicama, a crunchy vegetable thats delicious in salads. These prebiotic foods act as fertilizer for healthy bacteria. On the other hand, sugars and processed foods feed the unhealthy gut bacteria and are not very good for our immune systems or overall health. Beneficial bacteria becomes threatened by antibiotics, not just in prescription medication, but also in the food chain. Antibiotics are widely used in animal feed, especially chicken. Look for antibiotic-free on the label. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad. While prescription antibiotics are sometimes necessary, it is important to minimize their use and save only for times when really needed.