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15 fabulous fish tacos |

A cold cerveza is highly advised (its always 12 oclock somewhere!) And when it doubt go to Rubios! 9 Ballast Point This brewery does everything big (See: $1 billion price tag), so its fitting that its fish taco is a jam-packed two-fisted wonder. For the biggest flavor, slather the smoky, grilled tomato-jalapeno salsa on on those thick, crunchy pieces of fried opa. 2215 India St., Little Italy, (619) 255-7213 and 9045 Carroll Way, Miramar, (858) 790-6901. Charlie Neuman 10 Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar A local favorite since 1969, the Brig is synonymous with seafood in San Diego. Go healthy with the grilled Sonoran spiced swordfish tacos or the classic, fried Baja style. Either way, the secret to the Brigs success is the creamy ranch dressing. Multiple locations. 11 Rosaritos Mexican Food Like the many variations on Robertos, there are plenty of Rosaritos but this La Mesa strip mall location is the real deal. A hole-in-the-wall in the cheap and delicious kind of way (as in iceberg lettuce subs for shredded cabbage), the tart crema is lip-smacking good. 7941 University Ave.

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Allspice is one of the indispensable ingredients in Jamaican jerk spice, and is commonly used in Caribbean cuisine. Why? However, it can be hard to find in stores, and if you are wondering if anything can replace this spice, then you are at the right place! Scroll down to know the origin of this spice. Are you interested in preparing some spicy Mexican food? The following article will explain... 7 Substitutes for Grains of Paradise Grains of paradise are used as a flavour in numerous recipes. Read on, to learn about shelf life of spices, and other tips on storing and using spices. Chipotle seasoning is a pure blend of Chipotle childes, often used in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines.