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Some Challenging Ideas For Picking Out Critical Issues For Appetizers

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Hundreds of vintage and limited edition cereal boxes (Cheerio Millenios! Aladdin & Jas Corn Flakes!) line the walls of this tiny shop, which serves up a selection of cereal "cocktails"-sugar coma-inducing bowls of cereals, marshmallows ( Lucky Charms , of course), candy, and cookies, all stirred together in a colourful milk of your choice. View photos Photo credit: Tom Mansell More The Cereal Killer Cafe , located in London's Shoreditch, knows how to create combos that Instagrammers can't get enough of: Unicorn Poop, their most popular menu item, looks like a treat you'd order at the circus, with pastel sugar-frosted cookies, marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles on top. (Don't worry, there are Rice Krispies somewhere in there!) [/instagram] Another favourite: its Mint Choc Chipster, a surprisingly delicious chocolate-mint explosion served with bright green mint milk. View photos Photo credit: Chelsea Lupkin More The real fun begins downstairs in the basement seating, a nostalgic explosion of vintage cereal boxes, a Bart Simpson bed, and throwback cartoons like Care Bears playing on mini TVs. Walking into the place will make you feel transported into another world, one where cereal is the true breakfast of champions. View photos